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Apples dried
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Apples dried

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Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan

Often in shops it is possible to meet apples which are stored long enough thanks to various preservatives and special chemical processing. However it is necessary to know that such fruit not only contain harmful substances, but also in them it is not enough useful substances. At long storage this fruit loses many useful substances. However it does not belong to dried apples, in them these processes happen much more slowly. Therefore it is possible to be sure that till the summer these dried fruits will be an excellent source of vitamin, will support health and will strengthen immunity.

Dried apples at such diseases as a hypertension, cough, thrombophlebitis are especially useful, to an illness of cardiovascular and endocrine systems, locks and inflammations of a thick gut. These dried fruits exert beneficial influence on activity of a gastrointestinal tract, speed up work of intestines, strengthen nervous system and protective functions of an organism, normalize a metabolism.

Often dried apples recommend to eat to pregnant women and nursing mothers. They are useful and to elderly people as they reduce risk of development of senile dementia, developing of tumors and memory impairment.

The undoubted benefit will be brought by dried apples to children and all sweet teeth in general. It is possible to replace with them effectively candies, chocolate or any other confectionery. On taste dried apples sweet, in them are not present such amount of sugar and fats, but it is a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to the high content of iodine dried apples are useful to people with a zobny illness. It is also known that iodine intensifies brain processes therefore these dried fruits will bring benefit to school students, students and all people occupied with intellectual work.

Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan
Kind of Fruit:Apple
Information is up-to-date: 11.05.2021

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