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Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan

Dogrose - the wild - growing fruit differing in record - breaking high content of vitamins C and P, minerals necessary for the person - first of all iron, and also manganese, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium.

Broths or infusions of a dogrose have the all - strengthening effect, are applied as effective cold remedy. Bactericidal and fitontsidny properties of hips are known from antiquity, it is one of the most popular herbs. The dried dogrose is widely applied as a source of vitamin C, tinctures of a dogrose have soft zhelchegonny effect, promote preservation of durability and elasticity of blood vessels. The regular use of broth of a dogrose promotes immunity increase, increases the resilience to seasonal infections.

The daily use of infusion of a dogrose - the simplest and in too effective way to fill a lack of vitamins B the winter period.

High content of flavonoids in hips does it useful to people with an elevated pressure.

We offer a wide choice of dried fruits wholesale, including - a dried dogrose from Uzbekistan - large fruits with the high content of vitamin C. Collecting fruits is carried out to the moment of achievement of full ripeness by them. Fruits are exposed to natural drying, without additional chemical processing.

Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan
Information is up-to-date: 11.05.2021

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